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Nor Cal Fitness Summit 2017 

October 13-15, 2017 at the South SF Conference Center


This 3-Day Event Will Give You Hands-On Strategies, Tools, Best Practices, and Access To 18 Of The Top Experts In Fitness, Business & Marketing, So You Leave With Your Game Plan To Become The Best At What You Do. 


Let me know if this sounds familiar:

You’re a personal trainer or gym owner who probably entered the industry with the intention to help as many people as possible with their health and fitness. 



So you invested into  perhaps opening a gym, going to courses, self-study and every single other tool available to give yourself and your business the best results.

But there is one problem you’re having…

Making a salary which fairly represents the hard work you’ve put in.

So why haven’t you got what you deserve?

You deserve to know EXACTLY how to fully leverage your time and energy -- waking up every morning to a steady stream of leads, and a crystal clear idea of what’s needed to grow your business.

You deserve to know how to have your business automated with the right systems and strategies by experts who are doing it themselves in their own business.

Not the experts who make a living telling people what to do yet never doing it themselves.


It Doesn’t Have To Be Like This…


  • Discovering how to position yourself as the “go to” guy or gal in your area so that you can start charging more for your services.

  • Discovering what it is that you’re really here to do and how to communicate that in your messaging in a way that makes your clients say, “I need what they have!”

  • How to grow your business (whether you are an online or offline business) so that you can reach more of your ideal customers without spending tons of money on advertising that doesn’t work.

  • How to create the systems specific to YOUR business allowing you to leverage your time and be with the people you love, living the life you want.  


Introducing Nor-Cal Fitness Summit 2017


Over the 3 days we will give you the very best content to ensure that you stop working all the hours under the sun, you attract more and more customers each day while taking back control of your life inside and outside of the business.

While giving you a chance to speak and listen to the very best in the industry with how to grow and scale your income.


Business Blueprint

Receive a business blueprint which is the proven method, used by hundreds of fitness professionals, to take your business to a highly profitable position.




Networking Opportunities

Over 3 days you will be able to meet dozens of other fitness professionals (plus the experts too).

So that you can make new relationships, new business and bounce ideas off each other to help you and your business.



You will hear from the very best experts in the industry on the latest tactics that are working to level up.

The information in these talks are all designed to be actionable immediately for quickest results.





At the end of the day we are all human and like to play hard just as much as work. So we are hosting the personal training hall of fame / fitness hall of fame.

Which you are obviously invited too as well!


Our Expert Speakers Have Been Featured In...

Featured Logos

Amanda Vogel

Session Title: “Fitness Writing: Blogs, Websites & Magazines”


AJ Mihrzad

Session Title: “How to Discover your Superpower and Create a High Profit, Low Stress Online Coaching business”

Nardia Norman

Session Title: “Female Fitness 2.0– a fresh approach to strength training for women”


Marc Lebert

Session Title: “Lebert Training Systems™: The COMPLETE approach to Bootcamp”


Corey Taylor

Session Title: “Mindset, Being Average is Easy!”

Dr. Carrie Rose

Session Title: “How to Use What You Know to Create a Profit from Digital Products”

Jason Phillips

Session Title: “Creating Impact- The REAL way to success”

Billy Polson

Session Title: “Building and Growing Your Fitness Business for Maximum Success”


Nick Tumminello

Session Title: Build Muscle Without Weights

Joe Arko

Session Title : How to have the complete body transformation: Ultimate Fat Loss from the inside out.

Stephanie Joanne

Session Title : How to build a stand out brand in a crowded industry.

Regan Hillyer

Session Title : 7 Figure Manifestation Secrets

Manny Wolfe

Session Title : Communicate and connect like a muthaf***er!

AJ ROBERTS Session Title : Your Life Is Your Message


Session Title : Your Life Is Your Message

Scott Rawcliffe

Session Title : Facebook Video Domination

RE PEREZ Session Title : Branding For The People


Session Title : Branding For The People

Anna Selby

Session Title : How to Disrupt the Market While Leading People to The Sale

David Pitts

Session Title : How to Attract, Acquire and Retain Clients for Life




This event is going to change your life forever. It’s going to introduce new habits, new strategies and new tactics which ultimately give you a brand-new life.

BUT the information we give you in this event requires YOU to perform ACTION.

Which means if you aren’t ready to apply these proven tactics to your business then we advise you stop reading any further.

There is a reason we have been successfully running now for 4 years and sold out each and every single time.




     I Understand How You Feel


Khaled Elmasri, Nor-Cal Fitness Summit


There is one simple reason why I decided to launch the summit.

I was frustrated.


Firstly, I was fed up of going to all these different events each year on supposedly ‘how to grow my business’ but in reality the talks were always the same without anything practical/actionable.

And I needed clients fast!

I was working 12-15 hour days.

7 days a week

Sleeping on my friends living room floor..

What annoyed me even more was when I spoke to some of these ‘Guru’s’ and ‘professionals’ who were just recycling outdated text book methods and approaches which didn’t work.

I often looked at myself in the mirror after such events, or after a long day of work, and thought to myself “am I cut out for this” and “should I just pack it all in and go and get a normal job”.

But I knew that there were also very highly qualified trainers and gym owners in the same position as me.

And I knew that after all the hours and hours of studying, money and time invested into my career that I had a duty to make it work.

That’s when I told myself that I would make it work and I decided to launch my own event where I brought together the very best coaches who I knew were genuine and highly skilled at their craft.

Fast forward 4 years and I can now proudly look back and say that I have created an event which I know delivers more value and changes more lives than any other event I have been too.


Each And Every Year This Event Gets Better, Smarter And Changes More And More Lives!

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 2.56.03 PM.png

 premium Package* $397

All 3-Days


 VIP $597

ALL 3-Days PLUS a BONUS DAY- Thursday, October 12th (Facebook Master Class)

  • Express Entrance 
  • Seating in the exclusive NCFS VIP section in the front row.
  • Exclusive VIP Dinner (Friday Night) - Move the needle in your business with answers to your biggest question(s) from our panel of experts.
  • First opportunity to apply for the 2-Day Implementation business bootcamp in Las Vegas
  • Access to private Nor- Cal Fitness Summit Facebook community
  • 30-min Strategy Sessions with Khaled
  • Bonus Gift ($1,000 Value)

*Limited availability so sign up early (we SOLD OUT last year's event at this package).



Totally understand, have a payment option feature for easy use. 


Results Or Your Money Back


We operate on a GUARANTEED money back if after 30 days of attending the event you don’t make a return of investment with the strategies we share with you.

In other words you invest $397 and you make more money in return. Or you get your money back and don’t make a loss.

That’s how confident we are, assuming that you actually do the work we outline, with the content we provide you with. Seeming as it’s now the 4th year we are holding this event you can bet that the information provided will be the best yet!

So simply just make sure you have a coffee at hand and your favorite attire for the evenings entertainment!





Is The Nor Cal Fitness Summit For Me?

Absolutely – each year we attract more and more people to our event. The attendees are a diverse range of fitness professionals from start-up business owners, to personal trainers who have been operating for 10-20 years.

This means that not only will you be able to learn from the special guests but you are going to be able to learn from the other attendees as everyone will have their own story, experience and knowledge on what has been working for them and what hasn’t!

How Is This Any Different From Any Other Event?

As I mentioned above, I have been to all the events which are supposedly for helping coaches and business owners. But I found myself banging my head against the wall each and every year.

I come from the same background as you, being frustrated with a lack of clients and money each and every year and that’s why I over see every single detail of the Norcal Fitness Summit because I want to provide to coaches what I was never given.

Hope, strategy and profit. I give you my word that this event is above and beyond any other event which claims to provide the same outcome.

I’m Really Busy And Working A Lot At The Moment – Is It Worth My Time?

How about I told you that you could work less and earn more? Now we’re not going to lead you on with false promises, this takes time to accomplish, but I guarantee you can have a completely new life in the near future.

It’s all well and good working all these hours each and every day and earning money but eventually you are going to burn out, become ill and then wish you had listened to your body (and us) and learnt to create balance.

The busy coach is anything is the perfect coach for this event.

But I Don’t Know Anything About Business – How Will I Understand/Implement?

That’s exactly the reason for this event! As fitness professionals we haven’t got the time to study marketing, sales and all that complicated business stuff.

We just want to train our customers and apply the knowledge that we’ve learnt.

Which is why this is delivered in such a way that anyone can understand it and anyone can implement it without having to undertake hours upon hours of boring business study.

When Is It Again?

October 13th – October 15th In South San Francisco